Whitman’s birthday this year at the Historic St Ann’s in Brooklyn Heights?


This is the historic St Ann’s in Brooklyn Heights. Back in the 1820’s (when it was located in what is now DUMBO) Whitman attended Sunday School there. It later years he found a number of ocassions to write about it and it’s history. At present we’ve begun negotiations with them about holding a celebratory afternoon there to mark his birthday. (Sunday, 31 May). It’s just the perfect place. So, when the details are settled I hope we’re going to see lots of familiar faces!!

St. Ann's in Brooklyn Heights

Here’s an audio of my own favorites bits of  Whitmanic advice….. In the day, many would have found it’s independent spirituality disconcerting.  Now it seems so much truer than what passes for religion among our nation’s most self-proclaimed zealots.

(click to play)


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