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The O’Neill Film and Theater Foundation invited me to direct a new one-act from Sophia Romma.  CARTE BLANCHE.  It premiered 21  March at the New York Arts Theater on W 43rd Street. (These are rehearsal stills)Carte Blanche rehearsal shot



 Whitman Montage

Now in it’s third year of development the culmination, so far, had to be the staging of WALT WHITMAN IN IRELAND as part of Brookdale Entertainments’ double-bill at Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre in August of 2013.   Des  Gunning described Farrell’s Whitman as being  “in the tradition of the Hermeticist, Giordano Bruno, forging words to create for the hearer an experience of mental, moral and spiritual uplift. The actor’s presence in the stripped-down staging achieves a rare alchemy”

Mr. Whitman  remains a key element of Brookdale’s portfolio, appearing at Festivals and Special Events throughout New York and Brooklyn.

Of all appearances so far in 2014, Mr. Whitman especially enjoyed his night as a guest of The Poetry Brothel (conceived and produced by the Poetry Society of New York).  Whitman is pictured below with Tenneesse Pink and The Madam – Nicholas Adamski and Stephanie Berger, the geniuses who invented this wonderful format.

Tenneesse Pink, The Madam and Walt at The Poetry Brothel

Among the many other events Mr. Whitman has attended this year,  he’s happy to have had some adventures with Kat George and Peter Carlaftes  of Three Room Press as well.

Mr. Whitman is likely to remain “Current and On-Going” for several more years to come.

Whitman at Large

You can find out more here.



written & performed by John Beshaw-Farrell

3 Lies Montage

” A performed memoir of a deeply troubled childhood Farrell makes us feel in immediate, touching and sometimes funny ways all the anger, hope, sorrow and innocence of the child he tells us was once himself. Unforgettable.  Beautiful.”

This performed memoir remains a huge priority for Brookdale.  The second installment will be performed in New York in July with an evening that fuses parts one and two lined up to perform in Edinburgh, Galway and Paris through August and September.  This new section will follow our anti-hero through his late adolescence and early twenties.  The tone is funny, street smart, filled with sex, art and gossip.

 You can find out the latest here.



written by John Beshaw-Farrell


In the autumn of 2014 we gave the play a full, if modest staging.  Max and Chloe were replaced by Joe and Jade and although the former had been good in the parts, our new leads were much more effective in portraying the full arc from being teenagers to adults which made the production far more bittersweet and affecting.

New Bohemians 2014
New Bohemians 2014

Below is the 2013 Staged Reading


The staged reading of The New Bohemians which took place under the auspices of and with the support of Polaris North Studios got a great reception.  Auditions for the workshop production that’s targeted for this summer will be held in late April.

Keep abreast of our progress as we inch toward a legit off-Broadway production here.


 ALSO, my novel, THE BUZZER has begun appearing in audio installments prior to publication and you can here on this site!  HERE

BuzzerCover1-2013-book fair


With other Companies/Groups:

Brooklyn College

Boylan Hall Brooklyn College

Each year, I teach a class in Boylan Hall (above) at Brooklyn College, centring on the theme:  Directing for the Theater.   Acting and Playwrighting are well-catered for in schools with any kind of performing arts program  but that most subtle of necessary skills, directing,  remains an occultic skill. like rain-making.  This class attempts to break the job down into it’s practical components and then explores strategies that can maximize The Director’s co-ordination of all aspects of production towards a coherent conceptual and stylistic whole.

Polaris North Studio

Love at 30k Feet at Polaris with Eve Sorel

The Polaris North Studio on W. 29th Street is home to a co-operative of professional actors, writers and directors who work together to workshop new scripts, share training, etc.  It’s a wonderful group.  Eighteen months after joining, I have become a key member fof the group and during that time I have appeared in 4 one acts, directed two, played the lead in staged reading of Walter Thinnes play, RETROSPECTIVE, and mounted a staged reading of my own play, THE NEW BOHEMIANS.  I am hopeful or remaining an active member of this fantastic community.

Academy of Everything is Possible

Since November of 2012, I have been serving as EDITOR/CURATOR for the website maintained by this Independent, international association of artists, writers, mystics, educators currently based in Waterford. Here I am attending an event for The Academy in August, 2014.  With poet-songwriter Donovan.

130817 John in Creadon with Donovan-d






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