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THE PAST: 1968-2010

From this page you can access all kinds of information about past projects I have worked on and positions held since my debut as a contracted performer at the age of 13.

I have broken this down to 4 inter-related areas of professional expertise: Acting-Performance, Directing-Teaching,  Playwriting-Journalism,  (and Management-Miscellaneous.

A click on any of the buttons below will take you to a page were more detailed information will be available.  Although this skeletal version it is being launched today, additions will continue being made building links that can provide even more in-depth information on specific events -projects.

In time, it is hoped that this section of the website will provide an in-depth and cross-referenced analysis not only of a career, but of the aesthetic  and media practise employed: that it can stand as a kind of resume and meta-resume, shedding light as much on the era as on the individual.

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