I’m delighted to announce that I have been contracted to direct a new staging of Sophia Romma’s extraordinary play THAT QUEER BLIND SILENCE. The play itself has been greatly revised so we may rightly call it a premiere. (Opens 5 August at 13th Street Rep. and plays through the month)

Sophia is the kind of playwright Uncle Joe would have sent to the same kind of asylum the lunatic (ie gay) figure skaters find themselves thrown into here. But, wait….there’s more than meets the eye. Is that Vladimir Putin himself?

(What’s he doing here?)

150530 Sochi Olympics

Here is the complete text of 3 Lies About Brooklyn pt2: A Thief of Love AUDIO ONLY (for now)


This is an audio of the text as it premiered last July at Dixon Place Theater.  It is chiefly for archival purposes as it is unlikely to be read or performed in this version ever again.

Blurb with Carey Quote


Click above to hear pt 1 of 2 (37 Minutes)

Click above to hear pt 2 of 2 (22 minutes)

149716 3 Lies Dixon Place photo- Cathleen Shattuck03.
3 Lies pt 2 @ Dixon Place July, 2014. photo- Cathleen Shattuck.


Mr. Whitman will be here to Join You

Fine dining in the heart of Whitman’s old stomping grounds, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.   “Table Talk and, then, a Walk” is limited to 10 people per outing.  After a truly excellent meal in one of the neighborhood’s more select (and hidden) locations, Mr. Whitman will take you to see the many in-tact places key to Whitman’s years here.  The evening culminates with a dramatic reading of “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” at the revitalised Fulton Ferry landing – the very spot Whitman envisaged himself returning to years in the future.

Table Talk ot13