Whitman walks!

This Sunday past (4 October) was the best run so far of the Whitman Tour in Brooklyn and even though it is subject to weather we really hope to make this a weekly feature that can perform throughout next spring and summer.

It’s good.  It’s funny and, yes, it’s filled with both poetry and gossip (Don’t get Mr. Whitman started on the writers that would follow him living in the DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights vortex.

Here are some snaps taken by audience members on what turned out to be a lovely Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn.


Whitman and his young companion (Gavin Rohrer) in front of his only plaque – on the exterior of the former Brooklyn Eagle Building on Old Fulton Street, just east of Brooklyn Ferry.
Whitman reads Native Moments while facing out towards Brooklyn’s once notorious red-light district on Sands Street. (Largely demolished with the build-up of the BQE and the on-off ramps to the Brooklyn Bridge.)
Mr. Whitman reads the opening sections of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry in front of the Bridge that for many decades usurpoed his beloved Ferry line. But, of course, the Ferry service is back (as he predicted) and so is he (which he also predicted!).

3 Lies about Brooklyn, pt3: A Death in the City

Here it is!  The premiere reading of “3 Lies about Brooklyn, pt3: A Death in the City” as taken off the house camera at Dixon Place Theater in NYC on 30 July, 2015. (Big shout-out of thanks to Ellie, Katy and all the staff!)

This is the third and final installment of Farrell’s childhood/young-adult memoir.  It starts  in an orphanage and ends with a murder.

It’s very funny.  Sort of.

This s the murder.


The aggregate text will be refashioned into an 80 minute event with visuals, voice-over and, possibly, a live musician or two.  That will hopefully premiere during the summer of 2016.


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Sophia Romma’s play The Past is Still Ahead premieres

Just a few snaps from this weekend’s last reherasal of Sophia Romma’s haunting play about Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva, The Past is Still Ahead.  The funding was generous and the cast was top notch.  Montauk is cool.  I hope the show finds a New York venue.


150912 Curtain calls-d

pictured left to right, behind the author, Sophia Romma: Inna Leytush, Gavin Rohrer, Liora Michelle, Alice Kelly Bahlke, Karin de la Penha, Nuria Martinez Mendez, and Grant Morentz.

150912 Gavin and Alice

Gavin Roher and Alice Kelly Bahlke


150912 Inna Karin and Liora in Montauk-d

Inna Leytush (at the piano), Karin de la Penha and Liora Michelle


150912 Nuria and Alice-dNuria Martinez Mendez and Alice Kelly Bahlke

150911 Grant Morentz

Grant Morentz