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3 LIES ABOUT BROOKLYN (pt1 – A Bastard’s Childhood) is now on-line

Hear you will find an audio recording of “3 Lies About Brooklyn (pt 1: A Bastard’s Childhood)  This is the text as it was read in Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre in August of 2013.

3 Lies Montage


Click above to hear the first half –   (approx. 24 minutes)

And below, to hear the second half.  (approx. 31 minutes)


You can download a copy of the piece as presented in Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre in August of 2013  here


Without a doubt, my participation with Jonathan and Geraldine in The Everyman Company 40-odd years ago now was absolutely critical to my entire future.  Jonathan’s ethos lay in his ability to transform text into powerful visual moments and in his shameless lack of condescension in fashioning a people’s theater whose like hadn’t been seen in the USA.

In all respects my subsequent work in the theater was completely the result of my continuing to work out the lessons learned in those hyper-active days.

So, I’ve decided to launch a Facebook community for The Everyman Company which I hope will draw out some of the alumni.  A bit of an oral history would be great to start collecting.

Geraldine Fitzgerald at home. (late 1970s)
Geraldine Fitzgerald at home. (late 1970s)


Bastille Day – which barricades will you be storming?

Happy Bastille Day!!! It was no accident that Bill and I chose Bastille Day, 33 years ago, to arrive in Ireland. I knew only two other people in Ireland at that time, the charming and very helpful Jakki Moore, whom I had only met casually a few months before in New York City. (I’m sure she was a very grown-up looking 14 year old at the time) and author and fellow New York native, Douglas Kennedy, whom I had met at a New Year’s Eve party some 19 months or so before. We hoped in traveling on Bastille Day that our journey into the unknown would be graced with all the blessings a new beginning requires. We were not to be disappointed.

John and Bill

If this is a win…?

Enda Kenny loves Irish Artists. He loves them so much he wants them to follow in the footsteps of earlier greats like Joyce and Beckett, Francis Bacon, Sara Allgood, Barry Fitzgerald and many, many more. Noted Fine Gael non-entity, “Heathers” Humphreys, who once played a piano and sat on a local committee to clean up a canal will usher in a renaissance of budget cuts and condescension just like the good old days! As one proud Fine Gael colleague said, “It’s the same successful strategy we used in Limerick applied Nationwide” Why stop at exporting art when Ireland can export the artists themselves?

Ireland's new Arts Minister?
Ireland’s new Arts Minister?

Flights of Angels…

You know this is going to be a massive event –

Peter O'Toole Day at the Old Vic

As his death followed my own dad’s by a mere two weeks, my  friend Kate and I have spent quite a bit of time commiserating these last few months.  Having said that, my dad left nothing behind like her dad did to be sorted, arranged and mollified.  Whereas my dad was loved by the many who knew him, Peter had that rare distinction of being loved by millions (no, tens of millions) who never met him, yet whose lives had been profoundly impacted by his artistry, his wit, his style and his unique genius for fusing all three into an imperishable legacy.

The stamp is cool, alright, though they could have done a whole series from the vast array of his amazing performances.

That’s Kate, btw, holding an enlarged facsimile.  (Oh, God, what if that is the actual size?? What sort of package could it possibly be used for? )

Kate with Stamp

At any rate, it is (as it had to be ) FIRST CLASS!

I offer a toast to all my friends gathered in London today.  Yes, that is champagne: a 7am toast!  (Champagne is wickedly refreshing at that hour.  Must make a note of that)

140518 Cheers to Peter O'Toole