Some clips from 2014’s premiere of John Farrell’s 3 Lies About Brooklyn are now on You Tube

An excerpt from Farrell’s continuing memoir, 3 LIES ABOUT BROOKLYN as presented at Dixon Place in July of 2014.

It’s a journey from Farrell’s complex childhood (Orphanages, Foster Homes, Sisters of Mercy, Child Abuse)  Told with humor from the evolving point of view of the narrator pt 2 covers the mid-to-late ’60s through to the mid-to-late ’70s.  Farrell’s inspiriting aim was to finally tell all the stories that were never to be spoken about.   BE ADVISED: Candid discussion of sex which might suggest NSFW – (just in case)

“I started out as a dirty secret – now, I’m just dirty”


Farrell could have subtitled this clip: “Seduction among the Seminarians.”


At 12 Farrell discovered that sex could actually be fun! This clip traces the emergence of his Gay side and the activist imagination he adopts as he reinvents himself (again) upon entering college.

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