CARTE BLANCHE @ NY Theater Arts on W. 43rd St.

Here are a pair of stills from Carte Blanche in rehearsal on Friday. (Produced by The O’Neill Film and Theater Foundation) The young German lads are played by Danny Erickson, Michael Czyz, Gavin Rohrer and Tim Haber. In the group shot we see the author, Sophia Romma to the right. Carte B In the other shot we see Cam Kornman as Blanche beginning her ascent (maybe) to the heavens. Carte Blanche rehearsal shotA whirlwind week from the first reading last Monday through to the opening on Saturday as part of The Midtown International Theatre Festival. I am confident our action packed fantasia won first prize. (Not pictured but also outstanding in the cast, Walter Krochmal and the extraordinary pianist, Manana.) Oh, yeah, I was the director.

(Nice comment from the author on Facebook: “You are the greatest director, ever!”  I am not going to argue with that.)

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