The Buzzer – the Prologue and Chapter One

Some years ago I became something of an expert about the secretive milieu of the Dublin underworld.  For over a year I tried to get some of my findings published or on-air and kept hitting a stone wall.  No one wanted to touch any of the different exposes I wanted to run with.  Finally, (especially after Veronica Guerin was killed)  I decided to write a novel: part fiction, part roman-au-clef.  Since I knew that I would be revealing a lot of stuff no one in Ireland wanted to hear I turned it into a first person novel about obsessional love.  A kind of misdirection but a way that would allow for some terrible truths to be told while seemingly putting myself most at risk.  The central conceit was fictional but the truths told and the powerful figures exposed (albeit under pseudonyms) were very real.

The Buzzer

The eponymous hero of the book, The Buzzer, was based on a real person and years ago when I read some of it to him he cried and begged me not to publish it.  I am still not publishing it but I have been persuaded to leak some of it in audio – Here then is the opening section:   (click the play button to start)

The Buzzer, Prologue (added 20 February, 2015)

The Buzzer, Chapter 1, pt 1 (added 26 February, 2015)

The Buzzer, Chapter 1, pt 2 (added 25 March, 2015)

The Buzzer, Chapter 1, pt 3 (added 17 April, 2015)

I think the confessional tone works pretty well.   With the above excerpts (Chapter One), the Narrator relates how they met and, how, over the following six months he had become sexually obsessed with the young man.  (Lots of sex here – be careful.)

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