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       NEW BOHEMIANS. Author JOHN BESHAW-FARRELL’s darkly COMIC take on the Brooklyn-New York Arts axis of the 1970s, will be receiving a work-shopped staging during the second weekend of October (Saturday the 11th at 8pm; Oct 12 at 3pm) at the POLARIS NORTH STUDIOS, 245 W. 29th Street, 4th Flr.

New Bohemians Hit The Streets

Both acerbic and affectionate, NEW BOHEMIANS captures the pulse of the 1970s through the intertwined lives of it’s three principals: Ian, Gloria and Philip; all of whom we first meet as ambitious teenagers edging their way into the Kleig lights of New York’s white hot rock and art scenes .
Although it appears to cover a lot of that era’s legendary locations (Max’s, Regine’s, 54, etc.) it’s bareboned set keeps us focused on the propulsive story-line of it’s youthful heros, the three ill-equipped members of a pretentious (but possibly brilliant) band called the New Bohemians1. The show beautifully evokes the energy and optimism of youth, the intensity and passion of first love, as well as the trashy glamour of the era and, yet, somehow, poignantly conveys the sense of loss, of impermanence; the bittersweet accommodations we all make with disappointment and memory.

New Bohemians poster design by Stephen Franco

NEW BOHEMIANS brings 3 new talents to the Polaris Galaxy: Jade Anderson, Joseph Cordaro and Stephen Franco, who, together, form the doomed love-triangle of Gloria, Ian and Philip.
Author (and director) John Beshaw-Farrell is a performer, journalist, media gadfly, playwright and raconteur: a breadth of activity he modestly claims to have achieved only by doing them all rather indifferently. (“Projects interest me. Careers bore me.”)


One of actress Geraldine Fitzgerald’s many foundlings, Farrell’s first paid performance work was as a member of her Everyman Company in 1969. Accompanying her to Ireland in 1981 with her pre-Broadway, Dublin-run of Bill Davis’ comedy, Mass Appeal, he ended up staying for more than 20 years. Founder of Horizon Theatre Co., Board Member of the Project Arts Centre, HOT PRESS contributor, RTE regular, and, on radio, sidekick for nearly twenty years to the legendary Irish Broadcaster, Gerry Ryan.
“Returning to New York after so many years I wanted to remember that New York and remember the person I was within that vanished place. Ian, Gloria and Philip are not so much autobiographical as archetypal: specific to that time and place, but, hopefully, universal enough to remind all of us what it was like to be young and have the world before you.”
Farrell is convinced that this is but one of the first steps in nurturing the play towards a full production. “Come along, and let me know if it’s a good idea.” The weekend stagings are free and a reception follows – an excellent time to share your thoughts with the author and his cast.

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