JB Farrell; photo: Bobbie Kingsley
JB Farrell; photo: Bobbie Kingsley

Welcome!  You have reached the newest website/blog  of John Beshaw-Farrell (aka John M Farrell).

Farrell remains a generational hybrid, clocking up considerable achievements and professional accreditation  in Theater,  Arts Management, Journalism,  Criticism, Playwrighting, Broadcasting and Teaching.

The prevailing contmporary model demands individual expansion, moving forward by moving laterally, diagonally, backwards and forwards, creating value by forming an unique package of skills and experiences singular to oneself.  This dynamic process of re-invention is a uniquely 21st century capacity: the expertise of becoming.

The logic of that statement and the role of this website in expressing it is further explained in an introductory entry entitled First Thoughts.

If you’d prefer to skip the theoretical and see what several decades in practice have resulted in follow this link  (or the link above)  to The Present. where you can review a portfolio of the projects and opportunities with which I am currently engaged.

You may wish, instead, to explore the broader range of unique activities,  achievements and leadership roles foundational to my development in more discrete catagories and may do so by accessing this link  (or the link above)  to The Past.

You will discover that the more you follow the links within these links the more information will become available, allowing the more traditional resumes on view to become meta-resumes with photos, reviews, scripts, production notes, essays, theory and gossip augmenting each other to provide ever more detailed context and critical insight.

As of the today’s  launch date (1 August, 2014), most of these ancillary materials remain to be put on-line.  Be assured that over the next several months these additions will transform this into an interactive autobiography, a resource shedding light not only on my humble achievements but on the aspirations and challenges of an entire generation and its culture.

On the upper right of this and subsequent pages you will see a persistent display of “Career Snapshots”.  This window of rotating images are taken from a wide swath of events, projects and employments intimately connected to my life and work to date.  If you hover your cursor over an image a short bit of text will appear briefly describing the image’s provenance.

Aside from ultimately offering as much or as little back story as you may require (or desire) there is also an on-going,  old-fashioned Blog,  filled with the day-to-day ephemera of an over-heated mind and many sleepless nights.  Although heavily slanted towards the Arts in general, politics, science, theology, domesticity and the utterly mundane will also jockey for attention.  This feature’s title is one well-known to all  itinerant journalism, The Deadline.

(Although coded to be seen as scrolling commentary, clicking through the entries posted on The Deadline as individual pages will reveal additional images and commentary.)

well.sort-of-amazing?  Mildly interesting?  You decide!
well.sort-of-amazing? Mildly interesting? You decide!

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